Web API :: Tom Statz

For this assignment I thought it would be cool to create an app to pull down links from Reddit.  Basically the first Activity is for getting the assigned links and displaying the titles in a ListView.  When they are clicked an Intent is issued for the browser to visit that link.  I used a lot of this when creating the other activity which grabs all the posts on the main page on Reddit.com and displays the titles in a ListView.  It will open up a browser and go to the url when the item is clicked.  The Reddit activity was slightly more complicated to figure out.  I learned how to grab the data that was stored in a  ‘deeper’ structure than I did for the page with the assigned links.  I actually had to take a good hard look at how the data was being stored.  While writing this app I learned a lot about how JSON is structured and found that it was actually fairly straight-forward.



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