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HNRS 304.503 Lab 1 – Xtranormal

September 6, 2012 by . Filed under fall 2012, honors 304.503, labs.

It’s dangerous to jump into the technical aspects of a game before thinking critically about its plot and its characters. Today, we’ll remove ourselves as much as possible from the technical and write an animated dialog using Xtranormal. This won’t be interactive, but you will draw on the same elements you’ll need to write a compelling story

To get a feel for what Xtranormal can do, find a few Xtranormal videos on YouTube. To taste my own medicine, I made this short movie:


Go to Xtranormal.com‘s How To tab and watch the Student Accounts video series. The token you need was sent to your email address. Each of you received a token, but only one account is actually needed per group.

With your group, make an Xtranormal animation that’s at least three minutes long. Include camera effects, expressions, and gestures. Think about how to divide up the task so everyone feels involved. Think also about how to get your viewers to watch a video for three minutes.

Let me know when your video is done, and I’ll download and give you a copy. (I wish you could do this yourself, but alas.) Publish your video to YouTube. Submit one blog post for your group. Embed your video in the post by pasting its YouTube URL on its own line.

Due date: before September 24. You will likely get another group assignment next lab, so plan accordingly.