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Base 3 Productions: The Realm

Real-time-strategy is about to get a whole lot more real. “The Realm: Conquerors of Kalengard” is a game about power, control, and strategy. The game consists of two phases: Build and Combat. The game begins with 3 minutes of build-time. During this time, each player is given a plot of land on the grid-spaced map […]

HAAM short “game sketch”

Haampshire Castle (pending name) is sort of a dark, mysterious game where the player wakes up inside of a castle that is trying to keep him/her trapped inside. The castle is full of secrets and riddles, and the player has to explore the castle and solve the riddles in order to advance and try to […]

Penrose steps

I tried making the penrose steps in Blender. It didn’t work very well…

Spring Semester Project

Overall Perception based game -what you do effects the big picture, affect look of the game -ex. talking to someone influences them to explode a building half way through the game -In game puzzle ideas -Horror maze puzzle -two different monsters, one comes at you with a light on and one comes at you with […]

CJJJ – Second Semester Game Plan

Story You are sent to a remote island to find a mysterious, powerful artifact/device. This ancient tool has been broken into numerous pieces that must be collected together to gain its original power; however, each bit is still infused with tremendous power that the holder may use. However, on your quest to retrieve the pieces […]

Lab 5 Projects

John, Alex, and Michael Adam, David, and Ryan (not on the web; paste the link address into Windows Explorer) Cody, Matthew, and Thomas Cody, Corey, and Hannah Anna, Jason, and Joel

[HNRS 304.503] Lecture ? – Game plan

Agenda I asked in lab if we wanted to spend today’s lecture thinking about next semester’s project, which you will complete with your original groups. More yesses were heard than nos. So, today, plan to meet with your group. In the last ten minutes of class, I will ask each group to share the description […]

Literati – Challenges for Game Designers

“Challenges for Game Designers” is a game design book by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber. It is a lot like the book we read for class, “The Art of Game Design”, in that it spends a long time on describing and explaining the process of game design to beginning game designers. The first chapter lists […]

Squirrel :: Matthew Mitchell

Yep, it’s a squirrel alright. Or a fox. Your call, really.

Blender Elephant

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