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[HNRS 304.503] Lecture ? – Game plan


I asked in lab if we wanted to spend today’s lecture thinking about next semester’s project, which you will complete with your original groups. More yesses were heard than nos. So, today, plan to meet with your group. In the last ten minutes of class, I will ask each group to share the description text that would appear on the back of the game box. No more than a paragraph and cunningly written!

Some time before Thursday next week, please have the least-stressed member of your group publish a short sketch of your “game plan” on the blog. What’s the story? What mechanics will you employ to make the game fun and interesting? What’s your theme? Please enumerate in your post any specific skill areas that you expect need strengthening to accomplish your goals. If accomplishing this task adds undue burden onto your group as finals loom, please talk to me!

During the final exam period, it has been suggested that we gather together and play each other’s games. That sounds like a good idea. So, will you please wrap up your current projects, export them to the Unity Web Player, and send me notice of where they are stored on the W: drive? I’ll upload them and send a link back. Please get the links posted before Tuesday at 1 PM. I’ll need some lead time to upload.


Do they know they’re made?
They can’t tell I’m even here
So I add in bugs


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