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HW F.11 – Hannah

Last post: I now have shadows! I followed the video for planar shadows, taking Chris’s hint that the technique would be great for, say, a football field… This also went smoothly by following the video. At first they were showing up super long, and then Corey helped me realize that the light source was too […]

HW F.7 – Hannah

My scene is now foggy. I followed the second video of doing fog, and it went very smoothly. I also looked at Zach’s post which clued me in on how to align the fog planes with the camera view. Finally, I tweaked the fogginess variables (like distance between planes, speed of wind, etc.) until I […]

HW F.6 – Hannah

I completed rendering moving water reflecting my skybox texture. I had a couple of frustrations during this development. First, my water was just showing up black for a while, and I couldn’t figure out why. It turned out when I was trying to pass on my texcoord out to ftexcoord, I was passing ftexcoord. Silly […]

HW F.5 – Hannah

I completed Feature 5. I have had the ability to move around my scene for a long time, but I haven’t been moving with the contour of the terrain until this submission. I had a hard time conceptualizing how to make that happen, and I give credit to all of those who completed this feature before me, […]

HW F.4 – Hannah

Hola! I have completed feature 4 by adding a skybox to my scene. Copying the code from Chris’s video wasn’t difficult. HOWEVER, trying to cut up a skybox cube map that I stole from online (props to Roel z’n Boel by the way) most definitely was. No matter what I tried (varying selections, cropping, scaling, […]

HW F.3 – Hannah

My scene is lit and my goal post is specularly-highlighted. I really didn’t have any trouble with this because it was pretty much straight from the lectures. Here is the shader code:                   Here is a comparison of the goal post in my scene from before it was […]

HW F.8 – Hannah

For this feature, I added a texture to my terrain. I found an image online of a view of a Packer football field, and the image was square. I took the image and converted it into a PPM. In my vertex shader, I forwarded texture coordinates on to the fragment shader using the x and […]

HW F.2 – Hannah

I completed feature 2, which was including a computationally-generated terrain in my scene. I took the ruby code Chris wrote in his diamond-square lecture and translated it into C++ so I could run it in Visual Studio (I didn’t know how to run the ruby code :/, and it was fun converting it :). This […]

HW F.1 – Hannah

I completed feature number 1, which was loading an OBJ mesh into my scene. Essentially, I took Chris’s code from lecture, but changed it so that the obj file doesn’t have to be manually altered in order to work correctly (counting the vertex and face lines and putting the totals in the file). Now, my […]

HAAM short “game sketch”

Haampshire Castle (pending name) is sort of a dark, mysterious game where the player wakes up inside of a castle that is trying to keep him/her trapped inside. The castle is full of secrets and riddles, and the player has to explore the castle and solve the riddles in order to advance and try to […]

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