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HW F.11 – Hannah

May 9, 2013 by . Filed under cs455, postmortems, spring 2013.

Last post: I now have shadows! I followed the video for planar shadows, taking Chris’s hint that the technique would be great for, say, a football field… This also went smoothly by following the video. At first they were showing up super long, and then Corey helped me realize that the light source was too low, creating very long shadows. After moving the light source higher over the center of the field, the shadows showed up pretty realistically!

I had a couple other “gotchas:” my football field actually was terrain, just with very small height variability and not too much decay. However, this technique really needs a flat plane to place the shadow on, so for this submission I flattened my terrain to a plane. Second, my shadow was starting in front of my goal posts, then finishing normally behind them. Chris reminded me that my goal posts were actually starting below my terrain, so the whole shadow was being drawn above where it would actually start, and that’s why it was showing up in front of the goal post. To fix this, I moved my goal posts to be just on top of my field. They are a bit taller than realistic goal posts, but they are still cool. Finally, the shadows were too tall to stay on the field terrain, so they were floating in the air. To fix this, I added a plane surrounding the field and colored it cornflower blue upon Chris’s request. Below are a couple pictures of shadows, and then a video for the win! Peace out.























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