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L3DT Tutorial 2 and Terrain Toolkit Tutorial 1: Importing your heightmap into Unity

Importing your .raw file into Unity is not a very complicated process. First, create a terrain object in Unity: Click Terrain → import heightmap – RAW, and select your .raw file from L3DT. In this import window, you can set the size of your terrain, but more importantly you can set the import parameters. Chose […]

L3DT tutorial 1: Creating and exporting a heightmap for Unity

This tutorial will show you how to create a heightmap in L3DT (Large 3D Terrain generator) and export it to use in Unity. L3DT is a great tool for mapping, because it gives you a lot more control over the terrain and generation process than Unity’s built-in editor does. First of all, download and install […]

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 19 – Figures

Agenda Texture volunteer Normal mapping In-class box modeling Adding non-color material Materials don’t have to effect just color. You can pretend that very simple geometry is more detailed than it is through something called a normal map. Create your geometry and give it a material. Add a texture to the material. Change its type to […]

Object Instantiation- The Easy and Clean Way

For one of our labs, we had to write a C# script to instantiate objects in Unity to form a two-dimensional platform level. From what I heard while we were working on this, there were a lot of people with several ‘if…then’ statements, which ends up being ugly and not very future-proof. The method that […]

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 18 – Complexture

Agenda Valve’s employee handbook how do we assign multiple materials to geometry in Blender? how do we use Blender’s material system to generate textures usable in Unity? what on Earth is bump mapping? Multiple textures Your geometry can have materials assigned to independent faces. Configure your multiple materials. Use the + sign to the right […]

house model

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 17 – Escaping from the island, keeping things visible, sound effects

Agenda asdf Player with jump control We want to be able to turn our player’s jump ability on and off. That can be done through the First Person Controller’s Character Motor script component. Let’s simplify the process a bit with our own PlayerController component that wraps around the relevant operations: Meet boat We want a […]

Bobble Blender

I modeled my Bobble bottle! I used subsurfs extensively as well as loop cuts to get exactly the shape I needed. If I were to revisit this in the future, I’d add some transparent material to it, and model the filter inside of it so that it could be seen.  

Lab 4: Jason and Joel

Here is our lab 3 project, a mario-styled platformer. Have fun! http://www.twodee.org/teaching/honors304-503/2012C/homework/jj/    

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 16 – A boat, fixed coin spin-up, water, and a message box

Agenda Your models Character Controller Fixing animation from last time Span animation window across all actions Parent a model with an empty, position the empty Modeling a boat in 5 minutes Adding water Using GUI.Box for messages Themes Modeling a boat Make a long, thin rectangular prism. Select the top and bottom faces. Subdivide with […]