HNRS 304.503 Lecture 19 – Figures


  • Texture volunteer
  • Normal mapping
  • In-class box modeling

Adding non-color material

Materials don’t have to effect just color. You can pretend that very simple geometry is more detailed than it is through something called a normal map.

  1. Create your geometry and give it a material.
  2. Add a texture to the material. Change its type to something interesting. Let’s pick Voronoi for now.
  3. Under Influence, uncheck Color. Check Normal.
  4. Bake your texture as described above, but instead of setting Bake Mode to Textures, use Normals. Save your image.
  5. Look at it. It’s pretty.
  6. Import your model and image into Unity. Change your model’s material to Bumped Diffuse. Change your image’s Texture Type to Normal Map. Drag the image onto the model’s material’s normal map texture.

Box modeling

  1. Pick an animal.
  2. Draw its form on paper. But use nothing but boxes! Heh heh.



No tattoos for me
I may reconsider it—
When they’re normal maps


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