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alibraay Madeup

    The first thing that I decided to try and make was a hyper cube. I wasn’t to familiar with how the language worked so I ended up just using a bunch of hardcoded moveto commands. I had some trouble figuring out if the push and pop command worked or if I was just […]


Overall things went well. I have a few glitches when the magnets interact from the sides, but for the most part everything seems to be working as expected. The approach I took was to tackle the geometry first. I wanted to get all the rectangles placed and colored in the right way before I would […]

alibraay Gaussian Pox

    Overall creating the Image class went well. The only hang up I really had was trying to convince myself that the image that was being produced was reasonable. Other than that, trying to debug by looking at the ppm file was kind of troublesome.   This is one bump   This is 250 […]

alibraay- Cactaur

Spring Semester Project

Overall Perception based game -what you do effects the big picture, affect look of the game -ex. talking to someone influences them to explode a building half way through the game -In game puzzle ideas -Horror maze puzzle -two different monsters, one comes at you with a light on and one comes at you with […]

house model

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