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Spider Model

It is a model of a spider:    

HNRS 304.503 Lecture 20 – Character animation

Agenda Makehuman posing evaluations Makehuman http://youtu.be/WUDprkRKXPo I’ve only ever exported to Collada. The clothes are sometimes too snug when I import, and body seeps through. Scaling the clothes isn’t quite what I want. Try selecting the clothes faces and fattening (Alt-S). Posing We’ll have a peak at creating your own character animations. Simple rigidbody transformations […]

Ryan – Animal Model

It’s a sheep, deal with it

Model Figure: Penguin – Hannah

In the spirit of the season :) (and I love penguins!)

Rough Dragon Model

Try not to laugh.

Blender Spraybottle


Producing GAMES! In order to obtain the ‘literati’ achievement for class, and also to learn a little more about how games are produced at a global scale, I read a book called “Producing Games: From Business and Budgets to Creativity and Design” by D.S. Cohen, and Sergio Bustamante II. As the title somewhat implies, the […]

Terrain Toolkit Tutorial 2: Generating Maps with Terrain Toolkit

While L3DT is a great mapper for anyone who wants a lot of control over how their map looks, sometimes you just want a random, hilly terrain to walk around on. In this case, you can achieve your goal by using the built-in terrain generator in the Terrain Toolkit. Make sure you have Terrain Toolkit […]