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spiegedj – HW4

So I like math things so I decided to start with a Möbius Strip. Luckily, there is a relatively simple parametrization that gives you exactly the coordinates you need for the moveto command! R = 10 w = 2 for s in -w .. w for t to 361 x = (R + s * cos […]

spiegedj – HW3

Thought Processes: Once I decided what scene I was going to make I searched the internet for some suitable models. I found some good ones and also made a couple of my own. After figuring out the texture mapping, I spend some some time positioning my objects just right. Most of this assignment was similar to […]

spiegedj – HW 2

Thought Processes: I started off the project by converting the magnet pseudocode into a c++ class. I used a class instead of a struct for no real reason other than that I like classes better and I knew that there is little difference between them. I then worked on adding an OnDraw method to this magnet class so […]

spiegedj – HW 1

Hurdles:  One issue I had was that I was getting weird distortions around the edges of my bumps. This turned to be because I was printing the float value of the colors to my PPM file and gimp interprets 3.03984e-005 as 3. Additionally, testing the code to make sure it was correct was a challenge. Thought […]

spiegedj – A rocket

I made a rocket in blender:  

Spider Model

It is a model of a spider:    

Blender – Pencil

Team RAD presents: Block Man

Lab 4 submission for David Spiegel, Ryan Pinter, and Adam Al-Ibrihim’s game   This is a game about blocks and a man. There are 16 levels of fun. Can you beat them all? http://www.twodee.org/teaching/honors304-503/2012C/homework/adr4/       By the way… There is an explosively exciting block for those who stick to it.      

Team RAD Presents: A Game of Growth

Ryan Pinter, Adam Al-Ibrahim, and David Spiegel’s Lab 3 Project.   A Game of Growth: Good things will happen if you collect spheres. Bad things will happen if you collect squares. Amazing things will happen if you collect speedy orange orbs.   http://www.twodee.org/teaching/honors304-503/2012C/homework/adr/

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