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September 14, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012, postmortems.

I read the syllabus! But was late

1. A basic Towers Defense game. Enemies move through shortest path through a field, player can place towers that do various actions and block paths.
2. An app that stores basic information (like a spreadsheet of data) onto the devices memory and could reload this information.
3. A music player app, ability to play music from disk and possibly change the equalizer for the output
4. A launcher app(like launcher pro or go launcher) – These change the main functions of the phone and allow for greater customization (app drawer, lock screen, lower dock are all customizable)
5. An app that would use gps to tell you the location of specific people who have all agree to share their location. (Like for arranging meetings)


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