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Sphero Final Project :: Chris Sippel :: Cameron Bjorklund :: Tom Statz

1) Overview -We are going to design an app that will allow the user to put points on the screen and have Sphero follow the points in order they were placed. This will allow the user to draw specific shapes. WE are also going to have a screen of predefined shapes for the user to […]

Chris Sippel :: Mobile Web

For my assignment I decided to make an app that would allow your phone to make screaming sound while you shook it or rocket sounds if you decided to throw it. So what I needed it to do was play a sound when it registered a certain amount of acceleration from. The app allows you to […]

Chris Sippel :: Nogramming

For my Nogramming assignment I decided to make a clay android with LED’s for eyeballs. I started with a block of clay and made a cylinder, half circle and then the arms and legs. Then I cut a 3 white LED’s from an LED strip I bought off amazon(5 meters for $13, I originally bought these […]

Web API :: Chris Sippel

Webapi – Chris Sippel The app I designed is recipe searcher which uses the punchfork.com recipe database and API. The app will return a list of at max 50 recipes and organize them into a listview. Clicking a result will take you to the webpage for that recipe. It allows you to change how the […]

Persist :: Chris Sippel

I chose to build off my U and I assignment, by adding database functionality to the Starting Strength app. The app now has the ability to store the entire current session of data (weight, names and numeric values) and retrieve them for later viewing. The App will automatically save anything that has been typed into […]

U and I: Chris Sippel

Starting Strength App The purpose of this app is to act as a calculator for warm up sets when lifting weights. It was designed around Mark Rippetoe’s(his face is the icon) Starting Strength Program but can be used for any program. The basic function is that a user enters in the starting weight (weight of […]

TODO: Chris Sippel

I read the syllabus! But was late 1. A basic Towers Defense game. Enemies move through shortest path through a field, player can place towers that do various actions and block paths. 2. An app that stores basic information (like a spreadsheet of data) onto the devices memory and could reload this information. 3. A […]