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Sphero Final Project :: Chris Sippel :: Cameron Bjorklund :: Tom Statz

December 11, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012, postmortems.

1) Overview

-We are going to design an app that will allow the user to put points on the screen and have Sphero follow the points in order they were placed. This will allow the user to draw specific shapes. WE are also going to have a screen of predefined shapes for the user to choose from. For example they can command the Sphero to draw a square, circle, or other simple two dimensional shapes.

We are going a total of two different screens, one for the user to put points on and another for the Sphero to draw predefined shapes. The main screen will be a screen for the user to draw the points on. When the user touches down on the screen a dot will show where they touch, if they create multiple points the sphere will go to the points in the order they were created. The user then has the ability to start the points that were.

2) Possible Problems

-Setting up the touch overall may cause some issues although we have gone over it in class.

-Translating the user X and Y points into movements for the Sphero will be one of the bigger portions of the application.

-Also getting the phone to draw points on the screen to show where the user touches the screen which won’t be a trivial task

3) Division of Labor

-First we will have to set up a touch overlay on the screen to allow the user touches to be read.

-Will need to do some math to allow Sphero able to move between the different points the user will input.

-We will need to come up with a simple graphics element to display each point that the user touches


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