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Web API :: Chris Sippel

November 10, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012, postmortems.

Webapi – Chris Sippel

The app I designed is recipe searcher which uses the punchfork.com recipe database and API. The app will return a list of at max 50 recipes and organize them into a listview. Clicking a result will take you to the webpage for that recipe. It allows you to change how the results are sorted with a drop down menu item. If no search item is given in the search box the query will retrieve the highest rated recipes.

The app also implements retrieving data from the given link (twodee.org link) through the menu. To access this activity, press the menu key and select list activity.

I leaned how to use Web API’s which is something I’ve never heard of before this assignment. JSON was also a foreign concept to me before this assignment and now I understand it pretty well. Also I learned how to use the menu because I didn’t bother with it in any my previous apps, it was surprisingly easy to use.



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