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HNRS 304.503 Lecture 4 – Placeblitzing


  • Placeblitzing
  • Lens discussion


Think of a place. Describe it or draw it.

Closed Discussion

Team up with two others not on your team. Tell each other about the place you picked. Pick one for your team to focus on—but don’t volunteer your own. Nominate or be nominated.

Now, flesh out a game around this place.

  1. What experiences do you want the player to have here?
  2. What surprises will the player encounter here?
  3. What will be fun here?
  4. What will my player be curious about here?
  5. What in this place does the character care about?
  6. What problems will the player solve here?
  7. What mechanics, story, aesthetics, and technology (a command-prompt) will I use to support immersion in this place?

Open Discussion

Each team, share your thoughts.


I look to my tools
They say, “Do this and do that”
Meanwhile my dreams sleep


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