Pre-Meeting Notes 9/25/12

Hello Team, just wanted to send a quick update before the meeting tomorrow.

So…Heather and I met this evening to work on finishing our story board that we worked on this past week. However, Heather met with Dr. Heopner this morning and they decided the application should be less “linear,” or really less like Facebook’s timeline, with too much on one screen. We had also had this concept of dating the entries for the my story section to mark when in the past things happened, but now we¬†decided it would be too much drain on their cognitive abilities for this fairly insignificant detail (we had questioned putting it in in the first place, but decided to put it in so it could put their story into chronological order). Heather also hadn’t felt completely comfortable straying away from the ideas of having category/topic tiles to keep the application more organized and slightly more intuitive. She felt the “Community Conversations” module we decided on wasn’t natural enough for actually starting conversation. Therefore, from their meeting today, we decided to move towards users having their own “web.” In their web, they have their event, living with Aphasia, family and friends, pets, travel, photos, videos, and hobbies. Then they can add entries/posts within these modules, on which others can comment and such, because the users would then be able to look at the other users’ webs. From this stemmed an idea for the name of our application: Aphasia Web..! It reflects being a computer application (maybe web-based?), a social networking site for individuals with Aphasia, and the theme of the application!

Some questions we were left with after our discussion of this redesign (which we’ll describe more in detail in our meeting tomorrow):

  1. Flexibility of adding modules? Which modules to have?
  2. Flexibility of adding entries/posts?
  3. Design within the modules?
  4. Family tree?


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