AphasiaWeb Fixes

I’ve fixed a few more lingering bugs or incomplete features on our AphasiaWeb project: Videos not working. The video files were not getting to the database insert function. The cause? On the client, I was writing to post.videoPath the URL after the upload finished, but I was reading from post.videoURL. Switching both to use post.videoURL […]

Taming jQuery

In our AphasiaWeb project, I’ve run into a few problems that deserve some mention. jQuery.load and Caching We have several places in our code where we retrieve content from the server with a jQuery.load() call: I was finding that after adding posts, new content failed to show up. It appeared that load() wasn’t being called. […]

Home and MyWeb Screens – First Draft

Summary of recent work: I have created the home screen you see when you log in/open the applicationĀ (with four options: My Web, Everyone’s Webs, Questions for the Community, and Need Help?) and the My Web screen with dummy icons. I used the My Web screen Chris first built to build this version, but modified it […]

Database Script

I made a database script for an Oracle database for the model I produced, but I don’t know the credentials to log in and test it, so it isn’t tested. I’m also a little rusty on my database skills, so I apologize if there are any obvious errors in my script!   DROP TABLE aphasia_comment […]

Database Model

  I updated this model based on what we said during our last meeting (adding post/comment read tables, date for comments, user is locked and user image address attributes). I also added a category is public attribute because Heather would like the functionality for a whole category (diary) to be private.

Pre-Meeting Notes 9/25/12

Hello Team, just wanted to send a quick update before the meeting tomorrow. So…Heather and I met this evening to work on finishing our story board that we worked on this past week. However, Heather met with Dr. Heopner this morning and they decided the application should be less “linear,” or really less like Facebook’s […]

Storyboard – First Day

Heather and I met today (Thursday, 9/20) and laid out our ideas for the storyboard for logging in and adding an entry to a user’s “My Story.” We implemented the idea of giving the individual with Aphasia a “guided experience,” or basically one decision per screen, to keep it as simple as possible for the […]

Aphasia minutes from 2012/09/19

Heather met our focus group and got some good direction, which she outlined in the document she emailed to us. Passwords versus icon sequences not so important, as long as logins can be retained. My Story/Diary will be a flow of posts, which can individually be shared with any or selected other members. Events calendar […]

First Few Weeks

I figured I would come on here and summarize what has happened so far for this project. We (Heather, Chris, Mike, and I) first met Wednesday, September 5th. On this day, Heather explained to us about Aphasia and the different types and how it affects those individuals in their ability to communicate. We also discussed […]

Aphasia minutes from 2012/09/12

Heather went to Aphasia Camp. Got ideas from SLPs. Identified 4 or 5 subjects to help us evaluate tools. We need to handle multiple types of input: dictation, camera, drawing, typing. Network should support 1:1 messaging. But maybe not comments? Login: icon tap sequence? Security risks in too short a password with too few symbols. […]