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Home and MyWeb Screens – First Draft

November 5, 2012 by . Filed under aphasia, fall 2012.

Summary of recent work:

I have created the home screen you see when you log in/open the application (with four options: My Web, Everyone’s Webs, Questions for the Community, and Need Help?) and the My Web screen with dummy icons. I used the My Web screen Chris first built to build this version, but modified it so there was a little more spacing between the options/categories. I incorporated the “Web” theme with a spider web background and a spider icon, but we can scrap these if they are too much. I also included colors from Heather, with the dark gray background for the option buttons, light yellow text, and salmon colored borders if the category has a new post (demonstrated on Photos and Travel, but not actually implemented to reflect whether they have new posts just yet). There is also a login page that I started to create, but it doesn’t actually authenticate yet. Below are images of the screens, which are located in my local repository on the projects drive (P:\JOHNCH_10-15-2013\repo_hm\awc_hannah\client) in a file called home.html (and also pushed to the repository):

Home Screen:

My Web Screen:


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