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HNRS 304.503 Lab 3 – 4YO

A simple 2-D game

Your task in the next two weeks is to design and implement a simple two-dimensional game in Unity. Follow these guidelines:

  • Simple means target 4-year-olds. My four-year-old son will give you feedback.
  • Collaborate with your partner or partners. Plan on how to divide up tasks before diving in.
  • Teams may comprise individuals with different majors or experiences. Teach each other.
  • You will have two lab sessions of worktime (today and next week). Extensions won’t be granted. (I’m gone the rest of the week, if that helps.)
  • Submit your Unity game in one partner’s directory on the W: drive.
  • Export you game to the Unity Web Player. I’ll upload it and send you back a link that you will use to accompany your post mortem on the course blog.


  • Read chaper 10 and bring a quarter sheet to our next class on October 15.


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