Toon shading in Unity

We were curious if we could incorporate cel-shading into Unity. Yes, it can be incorporated pretty easily by:

  1. Importing the Toon Shading package.
  2. Going to all Mesh Renderer components and switching the material to one of the four toon materials that we imported.

Applying toon material to terrain took some searching, as the terrain shader isn’t tweakable via the GUI. The simplest solution I found was to open up the toon material, click Edit to adjust the shader code, and change the first line to

Shader "Hidden/TerrainEngine/Splatmap/Lightmap-FirstPass" {

I don’t know how good of an idea it was to do this, but it worked. The terrain was cel-shaded after I saved the edits. Here’s a short walkthrough:

A playable version exists too.


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