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Mercurial HOWTOs

October 27, 2012 by . Filed under howto, public.

I’m starting to use Mercurial on Bitbucket to manage shared projects, and I’m recording the problems I run into and their solutions.

Problem: hg commit yields “no username supplied”

Mercurial apparently doesn’t record which user checked out the repository in the metadata. (I’d love to know why.) I fixed this by creating an .hgrc file in my Linux home directory and dropping in it the following:

username = FirstName LastName <email@add.ress>

Problem: *.pyc files committed

When adding directories recursively to my repository, nested *.pyc files were included. (Subversion ignores these files by default when adding a directory.) I don’t want compiled Python files to be version controlled, so I can ignore them with an .hgignore file at the top level of my repository:

syntax: glob


Problem: can’t commit an empty directory

Mercurial only recognizes directories as paths to the things it really cares about: regular old files. If a directory contains no files, one can’t commit it. The fix? Put a file in the directory.


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