Persist – Corey Schulz

The background story for this app is the issue of web browsing with a slow internet connection. If you know exactly where you want to go, but it takes several link clinks to get there, you will be spending more time navigating to the page than you will spend on it. Normally to solve this you use bookmarks, however I dislike having a ton of bookmarks for all of the sites I need to visit frequently. For this reason I created a bookmark app with organization similar to a folder structure.

Bookmarks serve two purposes: They link to a website and they are a parent node of sub-bookmarks. This allows you to quickly navigate to the site you want without having to wait for any intermediary pages.











The left image shows a list of the ‘root’ bookmarks. Clicking the item brings up the menu shown by the middle image. You can either launch a browser to the bookmarks link, edit the bookmark, or delete it. Because bookmarks can have children, you are given the option of either deleting the bookmark and all children recursively, or just deleting the bookmark and moving all of its children up into the current bookmark.¬†Clicking on the arrow icon navigates into the bookmark’s children as shown by the left image (children of class blog).

To create a new bookmark, you simply select ‘new bookmark’ from the options menu from within the bookmark that you would like it to be a child of.

From this app, I learned how to create my own listitem view and add listeners to the elements inside.


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