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Persist – Anders Peterson

November 8, 2012 by . Filed under cs491 mobile, fall 2012, postmortems, Uncategorized.

So since it is football season and I am currently managing a fantasy football team I decided that I’d make an app that keeps track of my players.

The database holds the name of the player, how many points they have scored so far this season, and how many games they have played. On the main page it also displays what their average Points Per Game (PPG) is.

The screenshots below show a few examples on how the database displays the app. The first screenshot shows what the app looks like when first created. There are a few players entered with values below their names.  The second screenshot shows what happens when the “Add New Player” button is clicked. A new activity is started and after the user enters values into the required fields the app generates a new player. The third and final screenshot shows what happens when a player is clicked.  The same activity that displayed new players fills the required fields with the player that was selected current name, points, and games played. After the user updates this data and clicks the “Done” button the database is updated and the app returns them to the main screen.


I learned a lot more about how databases interact with the native operating system when working on this app.  Also learned a little more about intents and how I should be passing them as opposed to how I was passing them between activities.