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Bocce Sphero – petersat, morrissp, zirnhedj

For our final Sphero project we decided to make an app to play Bocce Ball with your friends and their Spheros. In creating this app we decided to use a finger swipe to move the Sphero to it’s intended location.  We calculated finger touch down and up locations as well as the time between these […]

Anders Peterson – Nogramming

To better explain why I chose this idea for my Nogramming assignment I will have to go back to just before Thanksgiving when I was peeling potatoes with my dad.  We were sitting around the kitchen table and I was explaining to him that I needed to create something that involved android programming that wasn’t […]

Persist – Anders Peterson

So since it is football season and I am currently managing a fantasy football team I decided that I’d make an app that keeps track of my players. The database holds the name of the player, how many points they have scored so far this season, and how many games they have played. On the […]

U and I – Anders Peterson

For my U and I assignment I decided to make an app that simulates the ‘Hello my name is…” name tags.  Basically the app has an initial screen that takes in the name that you would like displayed on the on the name tag and after the user taps the button named ‘make the tag’ […]

TODO – Anders Peteson

I read the syllabus! The five apps that I’d like to know how to write are: – Games that involve fast-pace puzzles and multiple touch tracking. – GPS based app that finds good lakes to fish on. – App that can manipulate preloaded audio files. – An App that involves a physics engine that tracks […]