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Mediocre Squirrel Man

Ladies and Gentlemen, Squirrels of all ages:

Come and enjoy the immensely frustrating and addicting MEDIOCRE SQUIRREL MAN!!

Use your wit, timing, and non-rage-quitting attitudes to guide our hero through 5 awesomely challenging levels! But don’t take all day to do it, because your highscore ticks downwards every second you play the game! Fall out of the treeline, or hit an owl, and you’ll lose even MORE points, PLUS you’ll have to start over!!

But all hope is not lost: collect some hard-to-reach acorns scattered through the levels and boost your score back up. See if you can beat your highscores! A truly mediocre squirrel will balance time and acorn-collecting-skill to maximize their mediocrity.

So don’t delay! Play Mediocre Squirrel Man today!


DISCLAIMER: Base 3 Productions is not responsible for any damage to computing hardware as a result of immense rage caused by your own lack of mediocrity.




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