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CS 330 Homework 1 – Freql

See the PDF.


  1. John Rankin says:

    Hi, Im finishing up the assignment….

    For the Histogram… Do you want us to print up to the “300” histrogram class?

    Or where the last highest Number ends?

    For instance..
    if my Highest Number is…. 150

    Do you still want me to print the remaining histogram-classes up to 300 (by tens)

    such as ..
    Example 1:
    150 * (1)
    (And so on up to 300)

    Example 2:
    150 * (1)
    — (done with histogram)

    If you can, just let me know Either
    Example 1 or Example 2


    1. John Rankin says:

      Well, I did Example # 1 …. hope thats ok

    2. Chris Johnson says:

      By the PDF, “print a histogram with 30 horizontal bars.” Example 1 matches the specification.

  2. Nick says:

    Are you going to allow us to turn in two programs next week since your permissions are all a mess?

    1. Chris Johnson says:

      Premature worry! Let me know when there’s a danger that you won’t get everything turned in on time. We’re in week 4.

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