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CS 330 Homework 2 – Trois Voix

See the PDF.

I used https://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/422/projects/WaveFormat/ when trying to understand the WAV protocol. You may find others helpful—post links in the comments.


  1. John Rankin says:

    When will the trois Voix folder will be open to view examples?


  2. Chris Johnson says:

    The W330/number_wavs has all the necessary input WAV files. The grading script won’t be up until this weekend.

  3. Isaac Schemm says:

    Should we use a library for writing WAV files? I noticed the WAV format has a header that contains, among other things, the number of samples in the file.

    1. Chris Johnson says:

      I posted a link to an explanation of the WAV protocol above. Please do your own reading and writing instead of using a library.

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