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CS 330 Homework 4 – Regexercise

See the PDF.

For the purposes of this assignment, you will need Ruby 1.9.*. On thing-[012], only Ruby 1.8.7 is available. Thankfully, Dr. Bui is allowing us the use of one of his machines. Instead of sshing into thing-[012], use dplsubmit.cs.uwec.edu. Just like the thingies, you will need a VPN connection first.

However, that’s not enough. There are two Ruby versions installed on dplsubmit. Before running your Ruby code, execute

module load all

in your shell. Now, when you invoke the ruby interpreter, you’ll get Ruby 1.9.3. To verify that you’ve got the right version, enter

ruby --version

One other gotcha: the W drive is mapped differently on dplsubmit. Use this:

w330=/USERS/STUDENTS/W_DRIVE/c\ s/CJohnson/cs330


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