Post Mortem Features 1+2

I decided I didn’t really want to create a terrain on my own so I searched for some terrain online.  I figured there would be a halo community with a lot of it and I ended up finding  There are a lot of models people created on here that you can import into blender and then export as a new obj file.  The downside to this is that these obj files are more complicated and contain many sub meshes to make up the whole mesh.  The other downside is that creating the height map is a lot harder.


The steps I took to make reading these obj files work was to first make the ObjUtilities class robust enough that it wouldn’t get caught on extra lines.  Then I had a new loop on all of that code that goes through all of the sub meshes one by one and adds them to a vector of vertex attributes.  I ran into a problem of keeping track of the position for each vertices and how it corresponds with the faces, but once I fixed that it all worked great.


I don’t have any textures implemented so I just figured I would go with random colors for now.

A zoomed out picture.



My camera isn’t working correctly, but you will be able to see the whole terrain.




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