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Feature 7

The fog was pretty simple to implement.  Following the video Chris posted gave me the basic setup….. really all of it.  I just needed to change the size of the rectangles to make the fog cover all of my terrain, or at least one side of the terrain.  Implementing fog was a lot like water […]

Feature 8

This feature was pretty straight forward for the most part.  However I did make quite a few tweaks to the code to make it better for my situation.  The first problem was that my whole map is a bunch of objects in one program.  I could have obviously put each part of the map in […]

Feature 6

The implementation of water by itself wasn’t all that hard.  However all the videos that lead up to the water video were assigned to my partner and I didn’t have time to view those yet.  So going through all of those videos to find what I needed was a bit time consuming, but glad I […]

Feature 4

If I followed the video correctly that Chris posted about this it would have been a lot easier.  However I decided to ignore the fact that you need an image that is square.  Debugging this issue really wasn’t easy.  I ripped apart all of my code and was still clueless since everything compiles okay and […]

Post Mortem Feature 3

This feature was rather easy.  Chris supplied all of the code from his specular lighting video.  The one mistake I did have was not normalizing the  light_direction vector.  That made the lighting look rather interesting, but not what I wanted.   ttp://youtu.be/IRlxQfpEw-o

Post Mortem Features 1+2

I decided I didn’t really want to create a terrain on my own so I searched for some terrain online.  I figured there would be a halo community with a lot of it and I ended up finding http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm.  There are a lot of models people created on here that you can import into blender and […]