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Feature 8

April 13, 2013 by . Filed under cs455, postmortems, spring 2013.

This feature was pretty straight forward for the most part.  However I did make quite a few tweaks to the code to make it better for my situation.  The first problem was that my whole map is a bunch of objects in one program.  I could have obviously put each part of the map in a different program so I could use different shaders, but that would have butchered a lot of my existing code.  The 2 problems I had were not every object is anywhere near the same size and the cliffs texture was gray, but I wanted it to be a brownish color so I added a Vector4 to modify these things.

The first 2 positons of the vector were to determine how much to divide the position’s x and z coordinate by to create ftexcoords and then the 4th position was to determine if the shader should use the hard coded albedo or not…. and that was most of the work I did on the shaders.


A zoomed out picture of all the texture. The ground is high quality grass. Everything else is rock and sand.


The only real problem is the stretching that you can see in this picture. This is caused by the ftexcoords being 2d.



Awesome video!