Feature 1 – Emmertac

First thing: I do not have any recording software; my laptop has been dead for some time now and I do not have a smart phone. Besides we all know you didn’t come here to listen to someone talk.

picture of the terrain obj as well as another mysterious object…

Look at the other object, besides the terrain, whats the first thing that comes to your mind? If you thought of a TIE Fighter, give yourself a pat on the back. Anyways,  I used the The Wind Waker lighting style and just applied it to all of the objects. So you might be asking yourself; this looks simple to do, what problems did you run into? Well since you asked, go grab some popcorn, then I’ll explain how I managed to hit pretty much every obstacle; this will be quite amusing. But before we get into that here is a slight distraction.

mount suzanne-more

I think this name speaks for itself..

Anyways my stumbling blocks:

1) The most annoying error is accessing something that doesn’t exist which causes the program to exit. for instance program->(whatever). So after this feature I got pretty good with the debugger.

2) Learning the Multi-structured-transformer-jections and what effects it has on your viewing.

3) Random text being printed after the end ‘}’ in the shaders.

n) A stumbling block that you had no problem of solving.

n+1) Chris Johnson not available for questions after 5:00 pm, but I understand.  Besides, half of my questions probably required a sigh before being answered. Props to Chris for not calling me an idiot or at least not directly.

Other sources that helped me: the class textbook, C++ for java programmers, (Alice in Wonderland spin off) for understanding pointers and such, and the opengl wiki that didn’t help much probably because I was asking the wrong questions.

So in conclusion, once I understood the set up of this whole thing: creating files with cmake, standard opengl libraries, debugger, uniforms, shaders, etc things began to fall into place.



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