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UHack Application

Our application was close to being finished when we presented last Thursday. I just needed to fix the update which was a matter of fixing the update SQL method as well as packing an intent for onActivityResult method, since I did not do a singleton database object. Here are some screenshots.   Top left screenshot shows a […]

My First Postmortem, OpenGL ES drawing with list view.

Here is a rough sketch of my app.   My design is pretty intuitive. The large center panel is the drawing panel where I will be using the OpenGL ES plugin for drawing based on what button the user has pressed bellow and the Buttons bellow will be in a linear layout.  

Feature 5 – Emmertac

Trying to tackle this feature shows how much effort is put in video games try to blend people walking up and down some sort of incline to make it seem real. At first I tried to solve this by grabbing the closes vertex then taking the average of the neighbors  which isn’t very accurate but it […]

Feature 2-Emmertac

The terrain generation was pretty fun besides a couple errors. One is still presently the bane of my existence: a compiler error c2011 which is a type redefinition that just points to a class and crashes, and Microsoft’s explanation isn’t helpful. And it doesn’t stop for the debugger either. However it crashed when I was fiddling with my […]

Feature 1 – Emmertac

First thing: I do not have any recording software; my laptop has been dead for some time now and I do not have a smart phone. Besides we all know you didn’t come here to listen to someone talk. Look at the other object, besides the terrain, whats the first thing that comes to your […]