First Run of Madeup

I’ve been working on building a mobile programming language and environment for generating 3-D objects. It’s called Madeup. The language uses Logo-like syntax, but it supports closures and 3-D navigation commands. The former is so that you don’t have to type as much. Functions just see variables in their enclosing scope; they don’t need as many parameters.

Really this project is a combination of everything I’m fascinated by these days. I’m parsing users’ programs with ANTLR in Java, walking the abstract syntax tree with a Java/C++ bridge, rendering with native OpenGL calls, all inside an Android application. It couldn’t get much grosser and non-academic.

I have memory leaks and bugs galore, but I just succeeded in my first successful run. I built a torus.

My first successful run, in which I constructed a discretized torus. I walk its skeleton, stopping at 10 locations.


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