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Git Commit Logs

This semester I managed homework differently. On Bitbucket, I created a repository containing the homework specifications and some autograders. Each student made a private fork of my repository, inheriting permissions so that I could access the fork when a homework was submitted.

When students commit a changeset, they include a brief description of the changes made. Here are a few of their commit logs.

I like this code better than the last
I've almost got it.
If I am hungry, then I am eating.
If I am eating, then I am eating cereal.
I am eating.
What am I eating?
Am I hungry?
Fine tuning, tuning, tuning, keep up that fine tuning.
Expanded my try catch to cover larger area rather than for each line
that is read in, more fine tuning.
More fine tuning to make sure it is accurate to the assignment.
WOOHOO better late than never I always say! Just needed to sleep on it
and relax a bit.
could you image being the first person strapped onto a rocket and
launched into space
I had an epiphany, and then it went away, I'm so tired right now.
The diminished brightness of your eye indicate incredulity.
        -Edwin Abbott, Flatland
did stuff
did stuff
did stuff
finished hw3
did stuff on hasnext hw3
more on pre3
sorta started pre3
did more stuff
almost done with hw3
did stuff
Re-Worked IntSet.getIntervalCount() - got nowhere.
Fuck this.
Wrote a little pre3
I give up.
I can't replicate the error the specchecker says happens.
It's bullshit.
No combination of adding and removing crap that I can come up with actually gets my program to count the number of intervals wrong.
I think the SpecChecker is lying to me.
Added cat picture, for science.
I have gotten done what I can. I'm going to utilize the later date
submission, and visit the TAs 3 days a week until it's done.
take my bits, sir bucket
I don't even know what it thinks I'm committing any more
forced bitbucket to stop being stupid long enough to finish lab10
I seriously hate bitbucket so much
I seriously can't even believe how stupid bitbucket it, I'd be impressed if I wasn't so angry
bitbucket is stupid
Hey Chris Johnson!
Everything's Still Okay
Everythings Okay
Worked for approx 25 hours this weekend and I just cant get past these errors
this, this is the one.
the one.
test test test
I can feel it this time


  1. I was being all nostalgic and such, snooping around on your site, and I realized that this is what I miss – students and their crazy commit messages.

    I miss using Git. Stupid Visual SourceSafe.

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