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CS 491 Homework 3 – due before 11/4

See the PDF.

CS 491 Lecture 13 – Wevents Part II

Agenda design an app for managing family events hook up to a remote database merge PostgreSQL, PHP, JSON, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich It was unveiled yesterday. Asynchronous networking Okay, our database backend is in order. Our PHP scripts will serve as the bridge between the database and clients, who will perform all transactions through […]

CS 491 Lecture 12 – Wevents Part I

Agenda design an app for managing family events hook up to a remote database merge PostgreSQL, PHP, JSON, and Android Wevents One of you stated in your list of desired app-knowledge that you wanted a shared calendar. Another of you shared in lecture that you wanted to talk about hooking up to a remote database. […]

CS 145 Lecture 11 – Conditionals

Agenda how’d the exam go? what does this do? conditionals in Secret Maryo Chronicles pluralizing generating a star generating an ordinal number categorizing light — if/else if What does this do? Code Conditional.java package lecture; public class Conditional { public static void main(String[] args) { star(100); System.out.println(pluralize(“Nick”, 42)); System.out.println(pluralize(“Nick”, 1)); System.out.println(pluralize(“Nick”, -1)); System.out.println(pluralize(“Nick”, -87)); } […]

CS 145 Lab 6

Reminder Please submit your completed lab 5 checkpoints in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Logical operators In lecture we’ve explored the logical operators &&, ||, and !. These operators are as important to a programmer as a screwdriver and hammer are to a mechanic. Do whatever you can to learn their use. Like […]

CS 145 Homework 2 – due before 11/2

See the PDF. When you download speccheck_hw2.jar, make sure the filename ends in “.jar”.

Voice recognition sans dialog box

Android provides a nice speech recognition system. Many examples show how you can push out an ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH intent to trigger an Activity that shows the listening status on a big dialog box. I wanted speech recognition without the dialog box and was able to do so with the following code: The XML layout defines a […]

Installing OpenCV on Linux

I was able to get OpenCV installed without too much trouble on my Ubuntu Linux machine. A simple did the trick. I tested the installation by writing a short C program to pop up an image: To test video playback and webcam capturing, I wrote another little program to play a video frame-by-frame: I compiled […]

CS 491 Lecture 11 – Lonely Phone

Agenda write an app to encourage people to lock their phones up meet Services use sensors to detect a “supine” phone meet BroadcastReceivers Goal Our goal today is to write an app I call Lonely Phone. It’s a prank app that you should install on other people’s phones. It’s functionality is to beep whenever the […]

CS 145 Lecture 10 – Midterm 1 review

Things to know The test is hand-written. You may write SOP instead of System.out.println. You need not import any classes. The front page of the exam will contain compact documentation for the Scanner, Random, and String classes. A strategy: on questions where you are asked to write a method, write the method signature first, not […]