teaching machines

Persist – Jake Berner (TackyNotes)

This was by far the most difficult assignment for me. Not the persist stuff, just trying to handle the GUI stuff to make the story around it work for me. My program is a “sticky notes” application, but so-as to not get sued by 3M, I’m calling it TackyNotes. It’s essentially a wall on which […]

Mobile Web – Jake Berner (PhotoJournal)

This turned into one frustrating project! Mostly because of Cordova… My girlfriend suggested something along the lines of a photo journal (a way to take pictures and immediately say sometime about them). Seemed simple enough… The landing page either includes a welcome message, or it displays the most recent journal entry. There is also a […]

Web API – Sinfestivus – Jake Berner

My roommate keeps track of his web comics via mobile apps that are written and provided by the web comic sites they serve. One of our favorite web comics, however, did not have an app available, so I thought it would be a good project for this assignment. I call the app “Sinfestivus”, the web […]

Nogramming: Jake Berner

My contribution to the mobile arts is a web comic. Please forgive the darkness, I had to take pictures with an HTC because I do not have a scanner. Hope you like it!

U and I: Jake Berner

My app is a relatively simple and familiar app. If you’re familiar with the class MadLib game of filling in the blanks to make a silly story, then this app is for you! It’s called BadLib because the scripts aren’t that great, and neither are the resulting stories. The app makes use of TextView, EditText, […]

I rode the silly bus!

I read the syllabus! There, FIXED! By the end of the semester, I would like to have some direction towards writing the following types of apps: Touch based games (of course). Informational/alert type applications like weather or sports to consume web services or web based XML data. Apps that make use of the camera and […]