Sphero Final Project: Matthew and Landon

So what we initially wanted to do was to make an augmented reality Sphero environment where you can actually see the path your Sphero had taken using the camera on you phone but as we researched and started learning more about Sphero we found out that that was pretty much impossible. What we did instead […]

Nogramming: Landon Burlingham

For my Nogramming assignment I decided to build a 3D virtual android in Minecraft. I recently have picked up playing Minecraft again because I needed to just sit down and relax from the everyday world and create my own world. So here it is… My Android! It may not be the best looking Android, but it […]

WebAPI: Landon Burlingham

For my WebAPI poject I decided to make a finder for similar artists using Last.FM. I thought about this for awhile and because I am such a fan of their website and of music I wanted to do something with them. I created an app where you can type in an artists and it would […]

UandI: Landon Burlingham

For my UandI app I created something where you could add your video game collection to a list. As you added them the list would update and show you your entire collection. You could choose a category, console and enter the name of the game and the name would appear in the list. Some of […]

TODO: Landon Burlingham

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately and although its a little behind schedule I think I finally know what I would like to learn about in this class. The first thing that really got my attention was a mouse controller for windows with a tablet. Although i know there are some out […]