Final Project – ezenagec – Pokemon Quiz and Info App

I’m a really big fan of Pokemon and have been playing the games since the very first one came out. So on that note, what I want to do is create an app that will have different quizzes on various aspects of Pokemon. This will include a quiz on things from the TV show, a […]

Pokemon Info Searcher – ezenagec – Homework 3

So this assignment didn’t go nearly as planned at all. I’m a big Pokemon fan so I had a simple but kinda useful idea of creating an app that takes the Pokemon’s name that you’ll type in, and then hand you back a bunch of information about that Pokemon. There are 649 known Pokemon thus […]

Homework 2 Videogame Wishlist

So for this assignment, I just wanted to create something that’s simple but useful.  It’s that time of year again when all the good videogames come out.  Of course, being how games are $60 these days, gamers such as myself don’t really buy a game unless it’s totally worth it and it’s something that we’d […]

CS 491: Homework 0 – ezenagec – FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile | Getting Started One thing that I’ve really into is making and composing music. Since i was 5 or so, I took piano lessons and then in 5th grade, I started playing trumpet for the school band up until my sophomore year of high school. So since 8th grade, I’ve been […]