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Squirrel :: Matthew Mitchell

Yep, it’s a squirrel alright. Or a fox. Your call, really.

Web API :: Matthew Mitchell

With the exception of the final Sphero project, I am finally DONE with coding for Android. It’s been sweet, and I’ve learned a lot, but the biggest thing I’ve taken away from the class is how mobile applications work differently than desktop applications. You’re much more at the mercy of the SDK. So, nothing against […]

Persist :: Matthew Mitchell

  This sucker was one problem after another. First my database wouldn’t compile. Then I couldn’t insert anything into it once it compiled. Then I couldn’t view anything once I inserted it. Then I…you get the point. Finally after much Google’ing I found an amazing tutorial wherein the author offered up all of his code […]

U and I :: Matthew Mitchell

For my U and I project I made an RGB color picker. I actually needed one of these for some web UI work I was doing, so it’s pretty cool that I was able to make one to my specifications. A few features of the app: There are 3 color sliders: R, G, and B. […]

Bobble Blender

I modeled my Bobble bottle! I used subsurfs extensively as well as loop cuts to get exactly the shape I needed. If I were to revisit this in the future, I’d add some transparent material to it, and model the filter inside of it so that it could be seen.  

Mediocre Squirrel Man

Ladies and Gentlemen, Squirrels of all ages: Come and enjoy the immensely frustrating and addicting MEDIOCRE SQUIRREL MAN!! Use your wit, timing, and non-rage-quitting attitudes to guide our hero through 5 awesomely challenging levels! But don’t take all day to do it, because your highscore ticks downwards every second you play the game! Fall out […]

Nogramming :: Matthew Mitchell

The Homogenization of Software in the Post-PC World by Matthew Mitchell This is not a research paper. This is not me going out and talking to a bunch of people and getting their opinions on things. This is a voicing of my own opinions, and I’ll weave in some of my sources of inspiration in […]

In Progress Video

Our group name is In Progress. Enjoy. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiuaznoYPWU?rel=0]

What Makes an RPG?

Hi Friends, I found this post on joystiq.com (which if you don’t read regularly, good! It’s nothing but forum trolls…yet I find myself addicted) and it’s a pretty cool read on what makes an RPG. If you’ve got a few minutes and want to read it, check it out. -Matthew

Paladin – Champion of the Light

Heyo! Here’s the scan of my epic drawing wherein I summon, nerf, and defeat a dragon! Huzzah!

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