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schuhaj – Sceen Camping

                    My thought process was…hey, didn’t we already cover all of these concepts in labs?  WE DID!  SWEET!  And then it was a mashing of code together on the environment lab.  I originally wanted to texture each object separately, but when simply texturing them something different […]

SCHUHAJ – I Madeup Life

I looked at what had existed so far, and upon seeing Corey’s thought on making a double helix, I wanted to make one. First I needed to make a spiral, for i to 5 for t in 0,30..360 x = 10 * cos t y = 10 * sin t z = 0.1 * (360 […]

schuhaj – late magnets

My thought process was:  copy and paste CJ’s code and then try to get rid of the obvious errors.  That was an easy first step.  Next it was figuring out what was missing.  I didn’t realize until after getting the magnets on the screen that although my code didn’t have errors, it didn’t work.  Hours […]

schuhaj – chicken pox

           I am simply awful at understanding directions without a frame of reference.  I initially attempted to simply fumble my way through the instructions with the intention of fixing everything later.  This turned into more of a mess than necessary. The energy equation was easy to figure out, as was finding the […]

Something I won’t need for a while