RepreWho – take 2 Final Project

The greatest app to ever storm the CS491 class is back in a brand new shiny interface! Ok, so probably not the best app, but definitely the most fun one I wrote. Of all the apps I wrote it’s pretty much the only one I’d consider actually publishing. But then I started thinking – I […]

RepreWho – Homework 3 – weeksc

First things first, I realize I’m late turning this in, so apologies to everyone out there who’s been waiting with bated breath for me to submit this. Yeah…pretty sure that’s no one. Anyway, there is a reason it’s late and that reason is this – I had 2 bugs that I’ve been trying to get […]

iOrganize – Homework 2 – weeksc

iOrganize it a simple To-Do sort of app. The basic idea is that you have a list of Tasks you’d like to accomplish. Each task has a progress or percentage complete associated with it. There is a green plus button in the upper left hand corner to add tasks. Tasks can either be deleted either […]

CS 491 Assignment 1 – Post mortem

So, the flashcard app – a simple idea that, in some areas, proved to be fairly challenging. My flashcard app generates random math problems. The user can customize the range of the randomly generated numbers along with which math operations are used, and how many total problems are in the set. The UI is fairly […]

CS491 – Homework 0 – Android Task/Todo List

Name: Android Task/Todo List The purpost of this app is to keep track of items that are “todo”. Adding items to your list is fairly simple – at the bottom of every screen is a text field where you can enter a new item. Next to the field is a ‘+’ button that actually adds […]