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CS 245 Lab 2 – GUI Programming

First, if you have checkpoints left over from last lab, get them inspected during the first 15 minutes of this lab. Don’t forget to work in pairs! Where possible, please work with someone that you did not work with last week. The exchange of new ideas and perspectives is not an opportunity you want to […]

CS 245 Lecture 3 – Interfaces

Agenda bounding advance/retreat in ImageReel modeling the Three Little Pigs simplifying with interfaces TODO Read chapter 6 in Core Java, stopping before Inner Classes. 1/4 sheet. Three Little Pigs Analogy A conductor doesn’t know the details of every instrument in the orchestra. The conductor says louder, faster, more punctuated—letting the players figure out the best […]

CS 245 Lecture 2 – Graphical User Interfaces

Agenda leftovers: course information graphical user interfaces a slide show application TODO Review chapter 3 of Core Java as needed. Read chapter 7 through section 7.4 of Core Java. 1/4 sheet with two questions and two observations. Code Eaushow.java ImageReel.java ImageReelTest.java Haiku

CS 245 Lab 1 – JUnit

Welcome to the first lab of CS 245. Lab is a time for us to throw some problems at you and for you to clarify your understanding, collaborate with others, get things wrong, and ask lots of questions. Your work for each checkpoint section is inspected by your instructor or TA. Checkpoints are only inspected […]

CS 245 Lecture 1 – Hi and JUnit

Agenda introductions black boxes red-green-refactor JUnit course information Who Are You? Name? What place do you call home? What was the last book you read that you were not assigned to read? What career would you pursue if computers didn’t exist? (Outlawed answer: be an inventor and invent them.) Remember What can you say about […]

CS 245 – Advanced Programming and Data Structures

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