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CS 268: Lecture 2 – HTML

Dear students: Last time we introduced the web as an effort to exchange structured information between computers. Today we look more closely at the language we use to give structure to our information: HTML. Questions Let’s start by reflecting on the reading with a few questions. What can you tell me about whitespace? What appears […]

CS 268: Lecture 1 – Web History

Welcome to CS 268: Web Systems! In this class, we will investigate how to make software that runs in a web browser. It’s quite likely that web development is going to be one of the most important skills you can have in this stage of the technological era. Standalone desktop apps will never go away […]

CS 268: Homework 0 – Blog Server

In this first ungraded homework, you will set up a web server that really lives on the web. You will begin serving out a directory for a blog that you will populate throughout the semester, documenting your foray into the world of web development. Digital Ocean You will set up your server with Digital Ocean, […]

CS 268 – Web Systems

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