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Mesh Differencing

A feature that I’ve long wanted in Madeup is the ability to subtract away holes from a mesh. I try to implement most features myself, because I want to learn. However, constructive solid geometry is too much for me. I turned to libigl, CGAL, Eigen, and Boost for help, and now I can join solids in […]

Swirl Ball

A few months back, I saw a 2D illustration in Mathographics that was begging to be expanded into 3D. Here’s my “spin” on that expansion. First, I started with a simple circle. I anticipated doing a lot of plotting of polar coordinates, so I factored out a helper function. Next up was shaping the circle into a lobed, flowery […]


Over Thanksgiving I added per-vertex coloring to Madeup. No longer are we bound to a single color for the entire model! To celebrate, I fused together a benzene ring.  

Madeup Snippets: Build your own Circle Wedge and Clock

Build your own circle wedge in Madeup using this simple algorithm. By adjusting the given parameters you can tweak the total number of sides the circle will have, the number of sides you want to construct, and the radius (size) of the circle. Next up, code for building your own clock in Madeup! Simply pass […]


I have a challenge with some students to make a Christmas ornament in Madeup. I was pretty certain I was going to make a cutesy revolved Christmas tree, but I needed more time to think about the math. I fell back on something we fall back on: All told, the snowflake is comprised of 2 […]

Madeup Snippet: Puzzle Piece


Madeup Talk at UWBC

Introduction Hi, folks. I’m Chris and I teach people to teach machines. Let’s start with a little exercise. I need two volunteers. [Recruit.] Person A will be the computer. Person B will be the programmer. Person A, your job is to do exactly what Person B tells you to do. And I mean exactly. If […]

Madeup Snippets: Spirals, Roots, and Words

Generate your own spirals, roots, or sentences with these simple Madeup snippets. Enjoy!

Illusions are “Madeup”

Life can be tricky. Sometimes we only see what others want us to see. For example, take a look at the object below:   Try picking any step along this staircase and begin climbing. Did you run into any problems along the way? Hopefully you found that you arrived right back where you started. So where’s the discontinuity? […]

SIGCSE Madeup Workshop

I submit a lot of papers, workshops, and grants. Many are rejected, but occasionally one will get accepted. Like this one, a workshop to be presented at SIGCSE 2016 in Memphis, TN: Abstract Madeup is a text- and blocks-based programming language for making things up—literally. Programmers write sequences of commands to move and turn through […]

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