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Raspberry Pi + OpenGL ES

OpenGL ES works on the Raspberry Pi! How did I do it? Well, I… Grabbed vim with sudo apt-get install vim. Grabbed my ~/.vimrc. Calmed down. Looked in /opt/vc/src and built and ran the examples there. Braced myself to plow through the EGL junk. Found pyopengles and downloaded it on my Raspberry Pi. Thanks, Mr. Divaz. […]

Simplifying PocketSphinx demo

Following the PocketSphinx Android instructions left me with a demo that did more than I wanted and I didn’t really understand. I pruned away it to simplify it and eliminate the step where I had to copy over the model files with adb. Now, I put the model in my project’s assets directory and mirror that […]

Copying assets out to storage on Android

PocketSphinx depends on some files to get its job done. The HOWTO assumes you push those files over manually. We’d rather bundle them with our app as resources or assets. Assets have the advantage of retaining their directory structure, so we prefer to use them. However, assets don’t have a path to their location on […]

Rejection from SIGCSE Special Projects

I submitted a proposal for a SIGCSE special projects grant to develop tools for producing text movies. They were gracious enough to express sorrow, a kind and noble move. Thank you for applying for a SIGCSE Special Projects grant. We have finished the May round of proposal reviews, but unfortunately we aren’t able to fund […]

Rejection from CCUMC

I submitted a proposal to the CCUMC for developing tools to record text movies. They only funded one project, and it was not mine. Their rejection was very Goldilocksian. Not too damaging. Not too placating. Dear Chris Johnson, On behalf of CCUMC and the CCUMC Research Committee, I want to thank you for all the […]

Rejection from Google Research Awards

Here’s another rejection I received a couple of years ago. This one’s from Google, for a proposal to build a software development lab for inexperienced programmers. I’m glad this didn’t get funded; it sounded like a lot of work. It certainly helped that Google put such a professional touch on their rejection: Dear Chris: We […]

Rejection from the ESA

This is the first post in a series of the various failures and rejections I encounter throughout my career. This one, by the Entertainment Software Association, was very well stated. If I ever have money to give away, I’m going to push all applicants through to a semi-finals round so that I can send such […]

Goldenrod crab spider

I think I’d read in the book Made By Hand by Mark Frauenfelder about a gentleman who said the minute you drive off your farm, the rest of the day is shot. I agree. We’ve been trying to stick around the acreage on Saturday mornings and enjoying the land that we have. We don’t want to […]

American Pelecinid wasp

Shortly after we moved in to our home, we had a long-tailed flying insect land on our screen door. I thought to myself, “We just moved to this place. Let’s get to know our neighbors.” So, I snapped its picture and went looking to see what it was: It turns out our neighbor is an […]