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I’m giving a talk on Paul Wagner’s MOBILE project at SIGITE 2012. Following is a draft of my presentation. * * * Many of us have had those nightmares where we discover we’ve been enrolled in a class but forgot to attend. The final exam is in an hour. Thankfully, our panic wakes us. Those […]

Schedule something for future destruction in Unity

Problem: I have a game object, a prefab probably, that I instantiate and velocify. It goes off screen. I want it gone then. Solution: To expire a game object or component based merely on time, call Destroy(thingToDestroy, nSeconds). After nSeconds elapses, thingToDestroy will disappear.

Colliding with and mutating text in Unity

Problem: I want, in the Unity game engine, to shoot projectiles at text and decrement the number the text is displaying. Solution: Add a 3-D text game object. Add colliders to projectiles and the text. The collider on the 3-D text will automatically size itself around the bounds of the text. Implement OnTriggerEnter and update […]

Links on integrating Unity and Android

I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to hook up Unity and Android. I’ve found the follow links helpful in our project: General Unity/Android documentation Comprehensive example of a custom Unity plugin How Unity handles custom resource IDs (another) How to overlay a custom view on the Unity player How to change the text size […]

Calling Unity Code from Android

Previously I integrated Android with Unity by having Unity poll methods I defined in Java. We used reflection to pull out the activity object and invoked my custom methods on it. Today I looked into going in reverse: can I call Unity methods from Android? It turns out to be pretty simple. I first made […]

Custom Resources in a Unity Android Project

The Unity documentation on building custom Android plugins is terse, but it does tell me how to package up my Java classes and manifest and bundled them in to my Unity project: The resulting .class file(s) should be compressed into a .jar file and placed in the Assets->Plugins->Android folder. Since the manifest dictates which activity to launch it is […]

Build Script for a Unity Android Project

Having learned how to integrate my Android code and resources with Unity, I went looking for a way to simplify the migration of my files to my Unity project. (I found repeatedly exporting a JAR and copying over the manifest and resource directories painful.) The result was this Ant script, which drops the class files, […]

OpenGL and Mouse Interaction on Raspberry Pi

Last time I was able to get a simple triangle up on my Raspberry Pi using Python bindings for OpenGL ES. My goal this week was to get mouse interaction going. My big question was, “Can I move the triangle?” Normally I’d use a windowing toolkit like wxWidgets or SDL to get mouse events. But […]

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Raspberry Pi + OpenGL ES

OpenGL ES works on the Raspberry Pi! How did I do it? Well, I… Grabbed vim with sudo apt-get install vim. Grabbed my ~/.vimrc. Calmed down. Looked in /opt/vc/src and built and ran the examples there. Braced myself to plow through the EGL junk. Found pyopengles and downloaded it on my Raspberry Pi. Thanks, Mr. Divaz. […]

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