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CS 245 Lecture 22 – Stacks and Binary Search Tree

Agenda what ?s the purpose of stacks and queues a postfix expression calculator binary search tree TODO Watch a random YouTube video on stacks and queues. Read about Java’s Stack badness. Read about using stacks and queues for time management. 1/4 sheet. Design This Program This Code BinarySearchTree.java Haiku

CS 245 Lab 10 – Maze Traversal

First, if you have checkpoints left over from last lab, get them inspected during the first 15 minutes of this lab. No credit will be awarded past these 15 minutes. Work in pairs, where possible. Prefer working with someone that you did not work with last lab. The exchange of new ideas and perspectives is […]

CS 330 Lecture 31 – On to Haskell

Agenda what ?s concerns about languages: speed of execution ease of development program correctness think about this the functional paradigm Haskell lists and strings ranges head, cons, tail initials sum add1/abs/threshold for-each pattern, map higher order functions TODO Read chapters 1 and 2 of Learn You a Haskell. 1/4 sheet. Think About This Code april16.hs Haiku

CS 245 Lecture 21 – Linked List, Stack, and Queue

Agenda what ?s why are we here? finishing up linked list and Snake stacks and queues a postfix calculator an HTML validator Program This Program This Code HashSet.java LinkedList.java SnakesOnAFrame.java Stack.java Valhalla.java Haiku

CS 330 Lecture 30 – Logo Translation

Agenda what ?s writing a translator for Logo think about this TODO Extra credit 1/4 sheet: Write a Logo program to demo in class. Download the Eclipse project. In Compiler.java, change the file name to point to your file, or use the JFileChooser. To receive credit, post the Logo source in the comments. Think About […]

Garbage Collection and Music

I’ve been reading a couple of books from the 1980s about Logo education research. What passed for research papers back then is incredible. Many of them read more like letters to the editor than reports on scientific experiments. Yesterday I was browsing Allan Martin’s Teaching and Learning with Logo. In chapter 9, Making Music with […]

CS 330 Lecture 29 – Modeling a Program

Agenda what ?s model this a model for Logo Model This Code Block.java Command.java CommandListener.java CommandMove.java CommandRotate.java Environment.java Expression.java ExpressionLiteral.java LogoVirtualMachine.java Haiku

CS 330 Lecture 28 – Interpreting

Agenda what ?s a REPL walking a parse tree with ANTLR’s callbacks TODO Start Bifur. Code makefile Note to copy and pasters: makefile rules need to be indented with real tabs, not spaces. Basecalc.g InterpreterBasecalc.java Haiku

CS 330 Homework 4 – due before April 24

See the PDF.

CS 245 Lecture 20 – Linked List

Agenda what ?s a linked list a linked snake TODO Grab an updated specchecker HW3. Stay home Thursday. No lab Monday just ‘cuz. You’ve worked hard. Code LinkedList.java Haiku

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