CS 330 Lecture 5 – State Machines

Agenda what ?s state machines regex parts and pieces atoms alternation grouping quantifiers anchors TODO Write on a 1/4 sheet a Ruby method filter that accepts an array and a block as parameters. It returns an array containing only the elements for which the block returns true. The first homework will be assigned on Friday. […]

CS 455 Lecture 3 – An Interactive Renderer

Agenda what ?s goal: an interactive renderer vertex attributes: per vertex state position color texture coordinates ambient occlusion normals you name it shader programs drawable objects = vertex attributes + shader program uniforms: per draw state handling key events handling mouse events TODO Before next class: On your own: read some tutorials or watch some videos […]

spiegedj – A rocket

I made a rocket in blender:  

CS 330 Lecture 4 – Ruby

Agenda what ?s language features Ruby via examples TODO Walk through RegexOne. On a 1/4 sheet, draft some regular expressions that match the following: Lines ending with a hyphenated word. Words with an internal uppercase letter. Lines lacking a semi-colon at their close. Don’t match lines that have a semi-colon followed by whitespace. Instances of […]